Miller Dubois

Producer of: Pork

Contact info:

Lawrence Dubois

Beddis Road
Saltspring Island BC
tel: 250-221-1569 (cell phone)

How to order: by email, phone, text or in person

Payment methods: cash

How Pigs Were Raised:

Two pigs raised outdoors on certified organic grains, fruits and vegetables. Processed at the local Salt Spring Island abattoir, and butchered at the Village Butcher in Oak Bay, Victoria.

All products are frozen. Please email your order to Lawrence at, or text or call 250-221-1569. A Pork Order Form is attached, although not required.

Ground Pork Bacon – $16/lb – Approx. 1 lb packs:
A unique ‘homogenous’ maple rosemary bacon that we had made special for us. It is made of ground pork instead of the traditional belly, pressed into shape, brined and smoked like bacon, then sliced and packaged like bacon. This one is pre-sliced. The main advantages are that it is much less fatty and much meatier, there is much less waste (fat), the strips are consistent to each other and the cooking is uniform. Since we discovered this type of bacon, we have not had traditional bacon. It’s awesome! Cook it as you would regular bacon, in a pan or oven. (We prefer to cook it in the oven on a baking sheet at 350 degrees for ~15-20 minutes.)

Dinner Sausages – $16/lb – 1 lb to 1.5 lb packs – 4 sausages per pack:
These sausages are the real deal! Traditional, juicy, no fancy modern additives; just pork, fresh herbs and spices.
Five Types available:
• German Bratwurst – Traditional German sausages, with black pepper, marjoram, mace, caraway and garlic
• Spanish Chorizo – A paprika dominant sausage, with both sweet and smoked paprika, chili flakes, red wine and garlic (mild to medium spice)
• Village Butcher’s House Bratwurst – A more ‘American’ style brat with black pepper, mustard seed, sage, bacon and garlic
• Chorizo Verde – A fresh and herby chorizo with chipotle peppers, oregano, braised kale, roasted jalapeno, cilantro and garlic (mild spice)

Soup Bones – $4/lb – Approx. 4lbs bags
Beautiful soup bones, all cut into small ‘chunks’ for easy use; these little guys are ready to go! At 28% protein by weight, these are a great value. Add collagen, protein and flavour to your soups, broths and stews.

Please contact us to make your order. We will be in touch with any further details including pick up arrangements upon receipt. Enjoy!

Miller Dubois Pork Order Form