Windrush Farm

Producer of: lamb, turkey

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250 537-4669

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Payment methods: Cheque, cash or e-transfer

Windrush Farm turkeysTURKEYS

Heritage breeds such as Blue Slate

Next available 2018 Canadian Thanksgiving, American Thanksgiving, Christmas and at other times with sufficient notice

These are the birds that predate broadbreasted turkeys. They are smaller, slower growing, have more dark meat and a lot more flavour than modern commercial turkeys. They can fly, breed naturally, raise their own young and can live for 10 years or more. Because they are less efficient at converting grain to meat they are expensive to grow and have fallen out of favour commercially. Keeping these breeds alive is important because of their hardiness, disease resistance and genetic diversity, all characteristics which may be needed in future turkey breeding.

Windrush Farm turkeysPrice in 2017 $8 per lb
Hens 7-10 lbs, toms 14-20 lbs

Other turkey products

Day old poults, started poults, fertile turkey eggs

Windrush Farm sheepLAMB

Cotswold lamb

A very old British breed, known for its long silky wool and its ability to thrive on pasture with minimal grain.

Next available 2018

Price in 2017 $7 a lb
Wt 40 lbs approx

Windrush Farm lambs