Cricket Farm

Producer of: chicken, duck, quail, rabbit and eggs. We also offer processing workshops, hide tanning, rare breeds and we build custom rabbit hutches.

How Meat Raised: non-gmo, organic foraged herbs

Contact info:


How to order: via e-mail

Payment methods: cheque, cash and e-transfer

We are a small family run farm that provides customized services, eggs, and meat for Islanders.


Cricket Farm chicken

Our chickens are Buff and Chocolate Orpingtons, Black Copper and Silver Salmon Marans, and Easter and Olive Eggers. We have an orchard that the birds roam around in and breeding pens for specialty birds. They eat gmo-free feed and organic kitchen scraps. Chicken is $6/lb and eggs are $6 a dozen.

Cricket Farm eggsOur ducks are a Buff/Giant Pekin/Ancona mix, and we have some muscovies as well. Our ducks are mainly for meat but we hope to sell some eggs this year if there is interest. They have a pond for them to play in. The ducks are not on gmo feed but mostly eat from the pond. Duck is $7/lb.

Our quail are Coturnix, from Pepinbrook Farm in Abbotsford. They are in runs and eat organic, gmo-free feed. Eggs are available Spring 2017.


Cricket Farm rabbitsOur rabbits are mostly the large Flemish Giants, and we breed them with Checkered Giants and Californians to get specific coat colours and big meaty bunnies. They are on gmo-free feed and get local hay as well as hand foraged herbs from the property.


We run slaughtering and butchering workshops often for those who are interested, and we also custom build rabbit hutches for clients.

We are experimenting with helping conserve rare breeds of chicken, like the Russian Orloff, promoting new breeds, like the Silver Salmon Maran, and making up new meat breeds, like crossing in a Naked Neck to reduce plucking time. Ask what we are up to 🙂