Singing Bird Farm

Producer of: chicks

How Meat Raised: organic, free range

Contact info:

Ali Yildizalp and Siobhan Wilde Yildizalp

Singing Bird Farm
1570 North End Road
Saltspring Island BC
V8K 1C6
tel: (250) 538-7348 (please contact us before visiting)

How to order: by phone or email

Payment methods: cash, Interac e-Transfer


We hatch and sell chicks for people who want to produce their own eggs, chicks, and/or meat. Our focus is on heritage breeds because they allow us to hatch our own eggs and if you keep a rooster with your hens, you can do the same. We prefer dual purpose birds that are good foragers, as we let our flocks range free on pasture and in the forest.


Day-old chicks* (under lights): 5 dollars

1 and 2 week old chicks* (under lights): 7 dollars

sexed outdoor chicks: 15 dollars

point of lay/newly laying hens and mature roosters: 25 dollars

*these age groups are all straight runs, i.e. not sexed

Please contact us to learn which age groups are currently available.

Our breeds:

Rhode Island Red


At the moment we have weekly hatches of Rhode Island Reds, a breed that hardly needs any introduction. They’re a dual purpose bird, although they are a little on the small side for table birds. They’ve got a gentle, calm disposition and are reliable layers.



These friendly, calm birds are good layers and grow to an impressive size. This both prevents them from flying and makes them a good choice of table bird.